This is another original feature of  “SinglesFly.com” which is yet untested in the market.  As of the date of copyright of SinglesFly.com’s concept, in this document, none of the, roughly 4,000 dating sites, currently operating on the internet has tried this feature.   “Date Dirt” is a part of a member’s profile which the member creates and can setup and control its visibility.  In “Date Dirt” a member can write detailed testimonials of his/her  dates with other members of “SinglesFly.com”.  A member can decide who may have access to each one of the stories.

By clicking on the dates posted, another member may read the testimonials.  A member can choose to share the details of their date with certain members.

“Date-Dirt” , this is a page , in a member’s profile, allowing that member to log-in and chronicle their date AS IT HAPPENS. Instead of calling a girlfriend (or Tweeting) to inform her the name, time and place, the details of the date can be reported LIVE . The “Date-Dirt” feature will have a clock, which is generated by “SinglesFly.com” , indicating the exact date and time when the comments, photos or videos were entered into a member’s “date-dirt” page, as to increase security.  Entering details of the date, photos of the member they’re meeting, timeline and even short videos, from a GPS equipped smart-phone,  will allow the site to record the location, from which the update (“up-dirt”) has been made, next to the message and the time/date.