Once you registered as a member you are allowed to browse the site and view the profiles of other members.  You may only view what each member made visible.  At the top center of the page, is the member’s screen name ( if the member chose to make it visible). Below the screen name (and to the right) is the main photograph (or cartoon) with the rest of the photographs “stacked” behind like cards in a rolodex.  In the top center, under the screen name, is a box containing the member’s next trip itinerary.  That box may, or may not be populated, all according to the settings chosen by the member who’s profile you are browsing.   If the member decided to populate all fields in the “MY NEXT TRIP” box, it will have the following information: 


Departure (date , time, airline , airport)

Arrival  (date , time, airline , airport)


Departure (date , time, airline , airport)

Arrival  (date , time, airline , airport)


Below, to the left will be “MY FREE TIME” box,  with the following information:


Field one:   date_______     from (time)_____    till (time)______

Field two:   date_______     from (time)_____    till (time)______

Field three:   date_______     from (time)_____    till (time)______


I will be at zip code__________________ Hotel (optional)___________________


The information in “my free time” box allows you to know, exactly when the member you are contacting, may have some free time for a date during their business trip.  Typically, professionals who travel for business are on a tight schedule and have short windows of opportunity, during the trip, when they may be available to meet.  Your decision regarding, who to contact may depend on both of you having some free time at the same time. ( within 50 miles of each other) .


The right side of this page has four buttons which allow you four different ways to contact a member:


Button one:  “click now, pay later”

If  this button is visible (on a member’s home page), it means that none of the “clicks” they pre-paid for, are available for you, or any member to use.  This member may have purchased “clicks” but they are not willing to use them for anyone who wants contact.  In this case, you may attempt to contact this member by clicking on this button.  The member will receive a “click” from you, containing only your screen-name . That member will be able to see your upcoming itinerary and other information allowed by you, but none which enables that member to contact you back, unless they pay the $2.99 charge for the “click”.  If and when the member responds to you without payment, you will get a locked message in your inbox. To unlock it you will have to use a $2.99 click from your (pre-paid) click-stash.

Button two:  “Email, it’s on me”

If this button is visible to you, it means that the member , you are attempting to contact, has pre-paid clicks in their stash,  designated for anyone to use, or the clicks are designated for people matching your itinerary. Either way, it is free for you to contact this member.

Button three:  “Email me now for $2.99”

If this button is visible, it means that you have no pre-paid clicks in your stash, and the member you are attempting to contact has none, which you can use.  If you use this button, you will have to buy a click before sending the message, but the member receiving the message will know that it has been paid for. Even if they choose not to respond, they are considered a “confirmed contact” already, which means: all the info which you chose to make visible to “confirmed contacts” only, is visible to them.

Button four:  “chat me up at the airport”

If this button is visible to you, it means that there is , at least, one pre-paid click in your stash.  The member, you are attempting to contact, will receive your itinerary and can contact you for a “chat-date”, one hour before your (and their) flight takes off.  Both of you will receive an alert to your mobile devices.   You may choose this member based on their itinerary. You may, both be departing from the same airport (possibly on the same plane). You may, both be heading to the same destination on business, from different parts of the country but are “killing time” at an airport simultaneously on your way there.


This is a member’s page you are visiting. As you scroll down from the top (featured in PPS page 12).  Here you can learn more about the member who’s page you are visiting.  Only what the member has made public, will be visible here, unless you were chosen to see more because you share the same itinerary or trade or age-group as the member, and they set up their privacy settings to include you.  If you, or the member has purchased clicks which were made available to pay for contact between the two of you, you will be able to see that member’s contact info such as website, “LinkrdIn.com” page link, or email address, if they chose to make them public to a “confirmed contact”.


In “His / Her status”  you may find out the following info about the member:

Trade Education Drink Smoke Age group position

Frequent flyer interests gender status income distance


“about me, the professional”  in this field the member has the option to provide more information about their career, their business or their financial position.


“about me, the person”    in this (optional) field the member may choose to provide a description of their personality, habits, likes or dislikes.


“my website”  in this (optional) field a member may enter the URL for their professional website, or a link to their profile in the company’s website featuring them.  Or the may enter a link to their “LinkedIn.com” page.

Below there are six more buttons which link the user to different pages on the site:


“His/Her paper trail”   -   links to PPS page 14 , which is the lower extension to PPS page 13


“His/Her Fly Girlz n Boyz” – links to PPS page 15 , which is the bottom part of PPS page 13 + 14


“His/Her Future trips” -  links to PPS page 16 which is still a part of the members profile


“My 50 -50” -    links to PPS page 20  (path 2, page 3)


“Back to My Gate”    links to “path 2 , Page 5” (“chat date @ airport)   


“Buy More Clicks” -     PPS PAGE   11          “BUY CLICKS”   (path 1, page 2, sub 2)