“Buying-clicks” is another feature, which is the exclusive, original idea of Ben Adam and the intellectual property of ALL MAN CORP.   SinglesFly does not charge a “period-limited” membership fee in order to allow a user to contact another.  The “charge-per-click” is made only at the point of connection.   Not before any attempted connection.  A registered member DOES NOT have to buy clicks, or make any payments in order to use the site to connect with other members.   If the member (initiating the contact) finds other members with PRE-PAID CLICKS which are available to him / her, then the connection is on the member accepting the contact.   There are two reasons why you, (a member) should buy (pre-paid) clicks:


1 -  if you have pre-paid clicks in your click-stash, members can contact you, as your treat. (at your expense)

       You may decide which members are allowed to use your pre-paid clicks to contact you.  In order to get a member’s attention, you may gift that member with clicks, which can be used to contact you only, or with clicks which can be used to contact any member of their choosing.


2-  if you have pre-paid clicks in your stash, members can respond to your attempted contact without

      spending from their own click-stash, or without having any pre-paid clicks in their stash.


As a rule, the member who initiated the contact is expected to pay, but only if there are clicks in their stash.  If there are none, the member being approached, may choose to pay for the contact with their clicks. Or to ignore the contact.   This can be determined manually:  when you receive an attempted contact, if you choose to answer it , you then find out , whether or not the contact is pre-paid. 

This can, also, be determined automatically, thru a pre-set default setting setup by the member who is buying the pre-paid clicks for their “click stash”.   a member can set up who pays.  For that purpose, PPS PAGE   11 has a box, to the left in the middle called:    “IT IS ON ME IF..”   in this box a member can setup which members, or types of members can contact him / her , for free, as that member’s treat (the one receiving the contact).

The options are: 

           1-           “we have the same 50 – 50 itinerary and you are..”  this option has three sub-options to check:

Box 1 :  Gender        Box 2: Professional field         Box 3: age group


         2-          “we have the same 50 – 50 itinerary and you are ready for a chat-date-at-the-airport..” 


        3-         “we have the same 50 – 50 itinerary ” 


The right hand side of this page is used to purchase click for one’s “click stash” .  The top field shows how many “clicks” are currently available in the member’s “click-stash”.   In the next field the member should indicate how many clicks he wishes to buy at this time.  Below a member will fill-in all the details necessary to use their credit card and then click the button below:  “buy now” . which links the member to:  Path 1, Page 2, Sub 2.1


The bottom left of the page has the following links:

     “do not buy clicks-back to my gate”                                    --------------- “path 2 , Page 5” (“chat date @ airport)  

   “do not buy clicks – back to my profile options”               -------------  - (Path 1, Page2)