If this part of a member’s profile page is visible to you, it means that the member made His/Her “paper trail” visible to all or to you specifically, because of matching itineraries, or you were picked individually.   After a contact has been made(and paid for), between two users, they are each other’s “confirmed contacts”.  Still, that does not mean that their respective “paper trails” are available to each other.   The visibility of each item in a member’s “paper-trail” is set up individually, as explained in the instruction to PPS page 9 and PPS page 8 (above).

This page will have up to 30 thumbnails of 30 different documents. Below each thumbnail is a short description of the document, such as: “My college degree” or “my driving record”.   Clicking on the thumbnail will allow you to enlarge and download the document.  These documents are designed to shed light and provide proof of a member’s professional position, education, financial standing and involvement in their community.