Path 1      “join free for life” .  Singlesfly is not a traditional dating site where the member is

expected to Pay for a limited period of usage. Lifetime Membership is free . The site’s income is

              Generated on a charge-per-click system.  The user is charged only when the connection they

              Attempted to make is successful and another member responded to their “hit”.  The member

              Initiating the contact is not necessarily the one paying for the click.   The idea, being that

              Single people do not have to quit the site they are subscribed to already.  They can use the

              Paid (or free) site (“” or  “ok cupid”) when they are not traveling.  Use SinglesFly

           When they travel, and only pay for a couple of clicks in order to meet another single person

             On the road.


Path 2    “member login”   uses screen name and password. Provides access to the site for registered



Path 3    “demo / how it works”  can be accessed without registering at all, provides graphics and

                 Video tutorials on how to use “singlesfly” in order to date while on the road.



The bottom of page 2 will have several links such as: “contact us”, “site map” ,“en espanol”, “privacy policy”, links to demo of the mobile app of “singlesfly”,  “media center”, “affiliated sites” (travel-booking sites), “terms of use” , , “safety tips” ,  “our philosophy” , “copyright” ,

, “help” , “lists of trade shows” , “book a business trip” , “the business travel lifestyle” , “gifting clicks”

“call us toll free” ,  “how does charge-per-click work”