This page serves as an inbox for clicks.  Clicks, (like “winks” on”) are attempts by other member to reach you.  The members who attempted to reach you will appear on a spinning wheel to the right of the web page.  You can spin the wheel and browse.   The photos of the members will be displayed on the wheel, with screen-names and with different color backgrounds indicating the following:  Green background:  member I made contact with already, which means, responding to this click is free.    Blue Background:  Member I looked at already but made no contact with, yet.  In this case it will cost $2.99 to contact this member. This fee can be paid by you or by the member. This fee will be charged to your “click stash’, only if and when the member (you are trying to contact) accepts your “click”.  It is assumed that the member (you are trying to contact) will not answer the click, just to say that they are not interested in you, however, if they do, your “click-stash” still gets charged.   Red Background: member I never saw before.   If there is a dollar bill attached to the member’s circle on the big-wheel, it means that the member has pre-paid clicks in their click stash, and that the member assigned those clicks for use for other members, including yourself. In such case you can contact that member at their expense.

Spinning the big-wheel of “incoming clicks” is the primary function of this page.  Other than that function, this page will have the following buttons:


  “sign out”

   “go to my messages”   (path 2, page 8)

   “back to my home page”  (path 2, page 1)

   “my 50-50” page (path 2, page 3)

   “my paper trail”  (path 1, page 2, sub 1.1)

this page will, also display the “” logo, and the user’s next trip schedule.